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Transform Your Sales Approach: Video Messages Skyrocket Response Rates

Welcome to the future of outreach: Video. Amplify your sales efforts with personalized video messaging, a tool proven to increase meeting book rates by up to 50%. Forget traditional, impersonal cold outreaching methods; it’s time to stand out from the crowd, capture attention, and dramatically boost your response rates. Simply having the word ‘video’ in your subject line can uplift your response rate significantly. Ready to change your outreach game?

The Evergreen Ecosystem

Human Connection

Videos allow your prospects to see and hear you, fostering a personal connection and engagement that's hard to achieve with text alone.

Increased Engagement

Video content is known to be more engaging, helping your message stand out in a crowded inbox.

Improved Response Rates

Just adding the word 'video' in your email subject line can significantly increase response rates.

Greater Conversion

Video outreach has been shown to increase meeting booking rates by 20-50%.

Efficiency and Scalability

Despite their effectiveness, videos can be automated and scaled, making this powerful tool a practical solution for your business.

Personalised Video Outreach


No campaign will be successful if you are not targeting the correct prospect Our first step will be to define your ideal customer profile and create a list ready to engage with.

Script Writing

We offer tailored scriptwriting services to elevate your video messaging. We learn about your business, audience, and outreach goals to create scripts that hit the mark. Our scripts are engaging, concise, and full of value, capturing attention and fostering a personal connection. We integrate compelling calls-to-action to encourage audience engagement. Through a collaborative process, we refine the script based on your feedback, ensuring the final product perfectly reflects your vision and business needs. With our scripts, you'll have a powerful tool to boost response rates and achieve outreach success.

Video Messaging in Email

Integrating video messaging into your emails can dramatically boost your engagement rates. To use video in your emails, start by crafting a compelling subject line that includes the word "video." This simple step can increase your open rates by up to 19%. Within the body of your email, we insert a thumbnail of your video with a play button. When clicked, this is redirected to a hosted version of the video

Video Messaging in Direct Messaging

In the context of direct messaging on platforms like LinkedIn or other social media, video messages can serve as a unique tool to stand out among text-based messages. Record a brief, personalized video addressing your recipient directly. Mention something specific from their profile to show you've done your research. Platforms typically allow you to upload the video directly, or you can provide a link to an externally hosted video. Just as with email, ensure your video has a clear call-to-action. The personalized and direct nature of these video messages can increase engagement and improve response rates significantly.

Social Concierge

Although direct messaging is effective, we have found that messaging along with posting on LinkedIn twice a week significantly increases the conversion rate Nobody likes being sold to straight away this is why we enter a nurture phase and apply the K LT (know like and trust) method

customer testimonials

What our customers say about our services

Anthony Mclean


Great working with Startachat for my social media management. Found the team very easy to work with and extremely thorough at understanding my business objectives creating quality content and graphics that matches the profile and target audience perfectly. Communication and support has been fantastic from the offset and always there when I have a query or need anything. I would certainly recommend Startachat for Social Media Management and any of their other services

Michael Melhado

Luther Marketing

Startachat are fabulous to work with. From the initial onboarding to the campaign execution, they walk you through each step in a professional and engaging way.

They are receptive to your needs and provide excellent customer service all round.

The results from the social concierge and LinkedIn outreach are highly encouraging. Very pleased.

Paul Hudson


I have to admit to being sceptical about this service at first. But the onboarding process was slick and the very soon Startachat were producing relevant & quality material aimed exactly at our demographic.

Furthermore, the pre-qualifying process for each post is a very straightforward process and feedback that we gave was acted up swiftly.

Faz Subhani

Penfield Care

We highly recommend Startachat Social Concierge as they do excellent work. We have been very impressed with Andrew Struthers and his talented team, and have just extended our work with them. They quickly work to understand the client’s business, use very easy to use online tools that enables rapid approval of the content. They also do a lot of research into competitors, so we benefit from the information this team provides, as well as top quality social media posts. Our LinkedIn followers have tripled in just two months. Thanks, Faz

Nina Cottam

The Inclusion Post

Friendly and professional service from Andrew and his team.

Aoife Wigzell

International racing club

Startachat is really straightforward to use & the team are very helpful.

Michael Godderidge

WE Buy your car

Its been a pleasure working with the startachat team and would thoroughly recommend them

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